Pros and cons of Tramadol

September 9, 2018

We know that everything has pros and cons. Tramadol is a medicine that is made by men, used for pain relief. It has same salt as morphine. It causes the brain to freeze and will make us painless. After taking it our mind control power reduces. We can control pain or get relief. It doesn’t have any side effects when we use this at a single time.

Pros: – doctors prescribe tramadol to manage moderately severe pain. We get relief and tension free. Small kids can’t take this medication s per the scientist’s research. But up to 12-year-old kid can make this quick. It is a synthetic human-made medicine for people. It is similar to drugs. Those people who take are addicted to drugs takes this too. Tramadol comes in tablet or capsule. We can’t take this without milk. Tramadol makes us sleepy and dizzy. We can get our body recover quickly from this. It makes our heartbeat slow and works on our body parts. We feel energetic after taking it. Soon we feel better.

Cons: – There are some negatives also. People use this as drugs, and they are taking it daily it will harm to their body. People who are suicidal or prone to addicting they should not take this medicine. It increases the amount of serotonin inv your brain. If you stop taking tramadol, suddenly you will get daises. It creates a problem in breathing. Before taking this medicine, we should consult with the doctor if you have or had any following. We should not drive or ride then we have taken this. If we take alcohol with tramadol, it may a risk for our life. The normal people should not take this medicine above 400 mg because it will affect badly. We should not use this daily, it harms us and makes as lazy, and we get addict.

Head injury


Liver diseases

Kidney diseases

Thoughts of suicide

Brain tumor

For head injury people it will effect on the head can break the

We should not take in a headache.

Then we are having seizures we can’t take this time also.

If someone has thought of suicide, they should not take this medication.

We should think before using it. We can’t take when we are having stress and any type of suicide thinking. We should take this when we need but should not take regular and without doctor’s advice. So take the best use of it.

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