Would you like to treat your lower back and leg pain? Are you seriously searching for home remedies for treating your lower back and leg pain? We’ve got some tips here that you can immediately apply and ease yourself of these back pains.

You know in the recent years, while many people are suffering from these awful pains, they may on the other hand, not realize that there are  excellent home remedies that can provide immediate relief from their lower back pains.

Causes and treatments for lower back and leg pain

In order to effectively banish these lower back pains from your body, the first thing we need to do is to identify the common root causes of these pains. If we do not correctly diagnose this, we may end up treating some thing else, leaving the main cause of the pain behind. This can prolong the ugly pains you experience.

Below are some of these causes: Can you identify the ones that may be responsible for your lower back  and leg pain?

Okay, here they are: Causes and treatments of lower back and leg pain

  • Lower back and leg pain can be caused as a result of a degenerative disc disease. This can most often occur due to aging and can be commonly described as the normal wear and tear on the discs as you increase in age. These wears and tears result in the pain sensations you experience on your lower back.
  • It can also arise due to lumbar disc herniation or Lumbar disc rupture.
  • It can arise due to a twisting or a straining of the back due to lifting of a heavy load using a wrong lifting position or technique.
  • Failed back surgery syndrome and arachnoiditis are also some of the major causes for the lower back and leg pain.
  • Epidural fibrosis may also contribute to your lower back and leg pain

Well, we’ve highlighted the causes of lower back and leg pain, so lets now consider the common remedies that you can use to treat these pains:

Remedies for lower back and leg pain:

Okay, lets’ have a deeper look at the common home remedies for lower back and leg pain. I’m sure by following the home remedies below, you can get some forms of relief from the lower back and leg pain you may be experiencing.

  1. Apply Ice pack:

The ice pack is one of the excellent home remedies for treating any kind of pain. Hence, if you’re suffering from a lower back pain, just grab an ice pack from the refrigerator and apply on the painful region. Leave it there for a few minutes, it will relief the muscles and offer you an excellent pain relief too Take an Epsom salt bath to relief lower back and leg painfrom the painful sensations.

  1. Take a hot water bath or Epsom salt bath:

Hot water has the ability to break the blood clots in any of your body parts. So, if you’re suffering from the body pain, especially lower back and leg pain, take a hot water bath for a few minutes. This can also help you to get rid of the back pain.

You can also take an Epsom Salt bath as a therapy in relieving your lower back and leg pains. The truth is that Epsom Salt has for ages been a really good home remedy for quite a number of conditions. Here, its known to calm the nervous system, relieve inflammation and soothes the muscles thereby reducing your pains and aches.

Simply mix about two cups into your hot or warm bath and soak in about 10-20 minutes to enjoy the health benefits of this salt regarding your lower back and leg pain.

  1. Regular exercise:

Regular exercising is an excellent remedy for treating the lower back and leg pain. Hence, a little exercise on a daily basis, can also help relief these back pains. These will also help you to stay fit , as well as strengthening the muscles.

Nevertheless, this is not recommended for people with acute back pains as doing so could complicate the issues. Rather, if pains are acute, consult your doctor as they might be other underlying factors behind the pains.

4. Take Periodic Stretch Breaks:  One of the things that could cause your back pains is a sedentary life style. If you find yourself often seated for most of the day. you may be ripe for a change of routine.

What to do?

Periodically take a short break and stretch yourself out within the day. This helps to relief the pressure on your back and prevents  incidence of a compressed bone or irritated nerve which would result in a painful sensation- causing you a lower back and leg pain or pains on other parts of the body.

Have you had an experience of this pain before?

What was your experience like?

How did you resolve yours?

Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below. You could truly save a life out there.

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